Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Six Days to Peru!

My whirlwind Darden semester has ended and now it's time for winter break!  To celebrate successfully completing 25% of business school, a couple of my business school buddies and I are heading to Peru for the holidays!  While there, we're going to explore with some of our local Darden Peruvian friends, eat some amazing food, and hike the Inca Trail.

Traveling to Peru with Michael Barnett (to my left) and Anoop Singh (to the left of T.J.)

The itinerary is as follows:

December 20-23: Lima, Peru.  The capital city.  Not much to do there is the way of tourism, but all of the native Darden Peruvians live in Lima, so we hope to meet up with some of them in their native land.  Also supposed to be the home of some great eats!

December 24-25: Cusco, Peru (part 1).  We hope a couple days at the high altitude (11,000 feet) will acclimatize us to the thin air we will be hiking through on the Inca Trail.

December 26-29: Inca Trail.  A four-day hike with a guide through the Peruvian Andes, ending up at the famous Machu Picchu!

December 30-31: Cusco (part 2).  A New Year's celebration in Peru's most hospitable tourist destination.

January 1-2: Puno.  On the shores of Lake Titicaca, this place is home to 41 man-made floating reed islands, still the homes to many Peruvians!

January 3: Easy day in Lima.

January 4: Return to the USA

The backpack is back!

First trip to South America for me.  Clearly a continent missing from my summer trip, I'm glad I'm finally about to make a visit!  Have pulled out the old backpack from my basement and am trying to make room for all the important essentials again.

I'll try to post pics while I'm on the ground there.  Wherever you are, have a happy holiday season!

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