Saturday, November 20, 2010

Photos Posted and Around-the-World Trip Epilogue

The whole 11-country trip

 At long last, I sat down with the 3000 photos from my trip and went through the arduous task of captioning and figuring out what the heck I was doing in all my pictures. Good thing I had the blog to reference!

The 500 or so best pics can be found on Facebook in 4 albums:
New Zealand and Australia
Shanghai and Hong Kong
Singapore, Phuket, Malaysia, and Dubai
Istanbul, Croatia, Ibiza, and Barcelona

With four months behind me since returning to the US, I now realize just how busy I was this summer. Unless you're flying on Air Force One, 11 countries in 63 days is pretty hectic. If I were to embark on a similar trip I would take it much slower, maybe spend a couple weeks in each country before leaving.

The around-the-world trip gave me some good talking points when I met international students during my first days at Darden. Classmates from Dubai...hey, I've been to's hot! Classmates from China...look, here's the three words of Mandarin I picked up in Shanghai. The ESADE exchange students from Barcelona...your city can be a little sketchy.

My passport expires in about a year and it is definitely a keeper. I only have two full unblemished pages left, sort of what I imagine happens if you're an international pop star or a super spy (though those guys tend to have the suitcases of fake ones).

I'll keep this blog active as a travel blog, and just FYI I have a couple more international trips in the works, so stay tuned...

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