Saturday, May 7, 2011

24 Hours to Israel!

Not sure if anyone still reads this blog anymore but in about half an hour I will be on my way to Richmond Airport to start a journey to the Middle East! After a quick flight to New York we will be changing to a non-stop flight to Tel Aviv -- that's right, 11 hours stuck in a tin can. But what am I complaining about? Exciting travel adventures await!

The three Darden roommates (Aaron, Ronald as Pillsbury Doughboy, and me) are all headed to Israel

The trip is organized by the Darden School of Business as one of their Global Business Experiences. The focus will be on entrepreneurship and innovation in Israel, and we will be working with a startup to help them develop a US market entry strategy. We also will be visiting cultural and historical sites in Israel, which is probably what you all are more interested in.

Here's the plan:
Today: RIC => JFK => TLV
Sunday, May 8: Arrive in Tel Aviv, fight jet lag, watch a movie to honor Israel Memorial Day
Monday, May 9: Memorial Day ceremony in Tel Aviv, meet with Israeli startup
Tuesday, May 10: Tour of Tel Aviv
Wednesday, May 11: Jerusalem, visit the Holocaust Museum and the Israeli Parliament
Thursday, May 12: Visit Jerusalem tech incubators, tour of the old city of Jerusalem
Friday, May 13: Tel Aviv, visit an Israeli electric car startup
Saturday, May 14: Work on Israeli startup projects, free time in Tel Aviv
Sunday, May 15: Visit Israeli irrigation startup, final project presentations to startups
Monday, May 16: Head to the north, kayak in the Jordan River, tour the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights
Tuesday, May 17: Haifa.  Academic portion ends.  Rent car and drive to Negev Desert, spending night in small town of Mitzpe Ramon.
Wednesday, May 18: Hike the Ramon Crater, drive to Eilat
Thursday, May 19: Day trip into Jordan to see Petra
Friday, May 20: Drive to Dead Sea and float in super salty water, spend night in Tel Aviv and check out club scene
Saturday, May 21: Recover from night of heavy partying, hopefully on a sailboat in the Mediterranean Sea. Around midnight board a 13-hour red-eye back to the US.
Sunday, May 22: After completing TLV => ATL => RIC, return triumphantly to America, enjoying hamburgers and freedom!!

Gotta run now. Mazel tov!

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